Stop storing. Start living.

Good morning, Dear Reader! The weather today is a bit dreary but I’m a writer. I like depressing days. Nonetheless, I’m settling into my new life and closing the chapter on several others. If you know anyone who wants to buy a spacious three bedroom two bathroom home that requires a bit of elbow grease, I know where you can find one a tad bit below market.

Me? I’ve either sold or given away all my shit and damn it feels good. This isn’t the first time I’ve done this kind of thing, but it is certainly one of the few times I’ve done it voluntarily. Years ago I was inspired by Adam Baker, who sold everything he owned to backpack with his family, but never really took it that far. Each year I re-watched the short documentary, I’m Fine, Thanks!  (And, if my new friend is reading this…I’m talking to you. If you were looking for confirmation to follow your dreams…you’ve come to the right place. Watch that film!) 

So. Grab a drink. Settle in. I’m feeling inspired and inspiring all at the same time.

In the documentary, one of the folks they interviewed says “I climbed the corporate ladder only to learn it was leaning against the wrong wall”, I felt that. I had changed careers in November last year and the opportunities for growth and earning were like none I’d ever experienced. But…I missed what I had done before. So, I left that position to return back to my old spot on my old team. It feels good when you finally realize you don’t need a lot to be happy, but when you aren’t happy you know it in your core. 

But, back to you and me and that drink. How did I decide what comes with me and what goes over to Goodwill? Here we go…

1) If I didn’t love it or use it regulary, it goes. At some point today I will relinquish some of my glass jars to my friend who has decided that she wants to “can things”. I know. This is a big move for me. Additionally, the cast iron skillet that I wrote about here, was returned back to its rightful owner – my ex-husband. I didn’t use it much the last few years and I’m not super crazy about the person who gifted it to me, so I figured, it can be his problem to solve, not mine.

2) I want a life of experiences, not stuff.  Does this item lend itself to that? Hiking boots, bicycles, camping gear. Five years ago I wouldn’t have been so keen on keeping these things. Now I am. But electronic devices? Unnecessary clothing? Ridiculous kitchen gadgets? Gone. 

3) I want to say “YES” more often. Imagine this if you will: Your home is organized and clean. Your social calendar is empty. It’s a beautiful day. Over coffee, your favorite person says “Get in the car. We are going to (insert whatever cool thing you’ve been waiting to do here)” and you can. Because you’ve simplified things so much that you can say “Yes” without guilt.

4) I want to be creative. Recently I’ve taken up learning to read tarot. I’m not great at it, but I do okay. Also, I’m working toward that bucket list item: Grow something I can eat. And finally…well…there’s my writing. Opening up some space allows me the opportunity to be more creative. Creativity comes in all sort of ways from quilting to canning food to writing to building the business of your dreams. Maybe you like whiskey and coming up with good drinks or trying out new brands is a thing for you now. My point: With less to tie you down, you can do the things you love to do.

So, if you’ve been looking at Winnebago’s online now just might be the time to sell your crap and live your life. I walk around my new space and it’s so…calm. Just the right amount of ‘stuff’ that I don’t feel homeless but not enough to consume a weekend cleaning and organizing. I’ve even thrown stuff in a Goodwill box as I’ve unpacked. Bird By Bird is how you and I can choose to move down this path of simplicity.

And so, for today, the sign goes in the yard and, hopefully, the house will be under contract by the end of the week. Fingers crossed. Send good vibes. Until then, here’s your song. It’s a bit older and was featured in 50 Shades of Grey so there’s that. I mean…not that I watched 50 Shades of Grey or anything.

SIlly. Of course, I watched it. What were you thinking? 

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3 thoughts on “Stop storing. Start living.

  1. Hi! I wrote a bunch of blogs about minimalism and got rid of 80% of my stuff. It was so freeing. I don’t want to exchange gifts with friends anymore but not sure how to discuss this subject without hurting feelings. Any ideas?

    • Sadly, I may be too bold with my friends. I tell them what they can and cannot give me most of the time: Can I eat it, wear it, drink it, read it? If yes, give it to me. I think my friends will tell you they are well trained 🙂 This, of course, with the exception of handmade items. I have four beautiful quilts and I’d keep them forever. So…go boldly into the light…and subtly ‘retrain’ folks.

      • I like this. I can just be very honest. And specific if I want something. Like I want new tennis shoes so a gift card from blah blah will help me. Or I’ve been wanting to go to our zoo. Retraining. Love it. Thank you!

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