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Good morning, Dear Reader! It is a glorious day in the Ozarks. I think summer has arrived with its 80+ degrees and sultry air. I’ve got some kind of virus – a cold or something non-COVID-ish. I’m coughing more than I’m sleeping and feeling like I need a nap every passing second. And the grass is green…and tall. Mowing the grass in temps like this with some viral-like crud in my lungs is always a pleasure. And, in case you are wondering, yes. That was sarcasm.

I’ve been pondering my existence here on the interwebs. Wondering if the time I put in to share my extreme wit and ideas on living a more simple life is worth the effort. It makes me smile when someone I barely know says they like my work, but am I making a difference? I try not to let the WordPress stats govern my self-esteem. Some days it’s hard, though.

Making a difference is important to me. I recently accepted a new job – one with a pay cut – to return to my non-profit roots. Making an impact, feeling like I’m improving someone’s life…well…it’s something that brings me joy. I shouldn’t be surprised that I missed it. Many years ago, I was forced to take the whole Strengths Finder test, and “Significance” was way up there on the strengths list for me. Funny, isn’t it? Just when my reign as PTA president is ending, I go back into a job that supports making the world a better place.

My fella and I were having a conversation over coffee the other day. I said to him, “I think this may sound weird…but I’m okay living a mediocre life.” Not that I’m okay with just simply existing, but my dreams aren’t grand. They don’t include purchasing a beach-side condo and jet-setting around the world. No, my goals are more like finding ways each day to have interesting conversations with strangers and sharing a glass of wine on the patio with my peeps. The dreams I have include being able to wake up in the morning, kiss my son on his forehead, and enjoy a nap during my lunch break. Sure, I want to do some fun stuff. But more importantly, I seek freedom and peace more than anything in the world. I’ve hung my hat on that dream for a few years now.

Read this blog from one of my favorite humans:

I like my freedom. Freedom of expression, freedom of my free time, and freedom to be who I am. I’m 50 now and more than happy to keep my simple, humble life for the remainder of my working days and leave the “schmoozing” to others more capable and brown-nosed than I. I will continue to be me and be a quiet voice behind the keyboard. The anniversary of my brother’s passing always makes me wonder: If I had made better choices the day I got the call to get on a plane to come home – if I hadn’t been so selfish and full of myself – would I have been able to say “Goodbye”? They say in every death, there is a ‘gift.’ I hope the ‘gift’ I received was to learn to appreciate the little things, love those who love me and let go of those who aren’t good for my soul.

So. Drop me a “like”. Share on social media. Let me know below what you long for as the years close in on you. I’m happy to find topics to help you through life, but only if you want me to do so. I suppose I’m looking for the affirmation to continue. Let me know…

Oh. And, here’s your song.

4 thoughts on “Reflections of a Blogger

  1. I want to congratulate you on your new job.
    I’ve also found that the simple life, and doing what brings me joy have been keys to my happiness. Keeping my circle small and real was a hard one for me to learn. Thanks to Covid, I finally got it.
    I look forward to reading your cheeky wisdom and potty mouth. And lets not forget about the songs lol. You keep it real, and call it how you see it. Not enough of that in this grand world. I personally would miss your blog, but that makes me feel selfish, because I want you to be happy. Do it, only, if it brings you joy. ❤️

    • I love you, Dear Friend. Maybe you can guest post for us? I want you to know I wash all my strawberries and grapes, have reduced the number of plastic products in my home, and recently got my Ashiatsu massage (OMFG!). I’ve learned so much from you, too. So glad we got to spend time together this year. I will cherish those memories for life. 🙂

  2. I’m not a big blog consumer, but I read yours. I was surprised when you rebranded it. I liked your old handle better but the writing and wisdom are the same so I’m there!

    • Mdel – I’m still thinking of rebranding the rebranding 🙂 I’m an enigma and not sure where I fit in this cray-cray world of writing. Is she self help? Is she fiction? Is she filthy or just unfiltered? Sigh. But I’m so glad you are with me and have stuck by me. I appreciate you!

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