Facing Mindfulness Head On


I’ve been a bit vague in some posts recently but honestly, I’ve mostly just been quite absent. I admit it, I know I’ve been distant – in person and in the blog-o-sphere. Maybe I’ve been so distant you’ve forgotten about me altogether. Maybe you thought I have quit the blogging business. Maybe you just didn’t care at all 🙂

To be completely transparent – I gotta tell ya, dear readers, that when life gets overwhelming for me, I may seem to face it all (on the surface) the best way I can, but internally, I retreat. I mean, I seriously R E T R E A T. So much so that if I could have swung it financially, I probably would have just put on my pajamas and stayed in bed for the last few months. However, I gotta make a living and the kid has to eat. So, I’ve been facing every day head on knowing that I could at least appear resilient on the surface. Fake it ’til you make it, I say.

Sometimes (and I really do believe this!!!) you have to face the fire in order to come out stronger. That’s biblical, at best (Isaiah 48:10 for those of you checking my math), and simply common sense, at worst.

So here I am. Stronger? Not so sure. Better? Absolutely.

Better in that I’ve made some decisions to make some radical changes.

I’m changing jobs. I’m changing homes. I’m changing the actual physical state (as in United States) in which I live. I’m changing the actual mental and emotional state in which I live (as in “proactive” versus “reactive”). And…I’m changing how I handle this creepy online diary in the future.

The first change is the name of this blog and what its future objectives are going to look like for you. “Show Me Simplicity” worked when I began blogging for two reasons: I reside in Missouri (the Sho-Me State!) and I was hoping to find simplicity by looking to others for guidance; hoping they would show me the way. (Thank you, Josh, Adam, Crank Tank Studios,  Gretchen, and many, many others.)

But, at the end of the month I will no longer live in Missouri. And, well, through my journey others have certainly shown me the way to rational minimalism…but I’ve learned the decision to live a simplified life, for me, is an every day, conscious decision. In other words, simplicity and minimalism don’t come naturally to me. In fact, it takes mindfulness and determination every moment of every day to not keep something that no longer brings me joy or to buy something just to make myself feel better. The minute I go on auto-pilot is the very minute I veer off-course.

And so…new job, new home, new state of residence…new name: Mindfully Minimalist. I look forward to sharing the next phase of my life with you and others.

6 thoughts on “Facing Mindfulness Head On

  1. Wish you could plan a quick trip to KC before your big move. Sounds like a lot of very exciting new adventures and changes!!

    • Gosh, it was all so sudden that I just don’t have the time! Maybe we can fly into MCI for a visit 🙂

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