Sell the crap. Live a life.


One of the biggest deals at the moment is that we have begun selling most of our things. Years ago I was inspired by Adam Baker, who sold everything he owned in order to backpack with his family, but never really took it that far. But one day my husband and I were just discussing our ‘future life’ and suddenly, it all just resonated with me.That night I went back and re-watched the short documentary, I’m Fine, Thanks! (on Hulu Plus if you want to watch it!)

And then, just when someone in the film said “I climbed the corporate ladder only to learn it was leaning against the wrong wall”, I wept. I was finally ready.

My husband gave me one rule: If you don’t love it or if you don’t use it, it goes. It’s funny that HE’S the one telling me this since I have been ‘the minimalist’ for 4 years (Okay. I admit. I have truly sucked at being a minimalist. There. I said it out loud.) I’m sure there will be a lot more deciding on what comes or goes in the near future since the house was listed on the market just two days ago and we’ve already had two showings. That usually means we are on the right path.

But, where will you go? What kind of house will you buy? Why are you selling everything?!? People have asked.  And for once, I have no answers. No real answers, anyway. Some possible answers. We’ll rent. A house. No, a condo. Maybe just a small apartment until there is no more debt. In Arkansas. In Tennessee.  No, probably Wisconsin. Oh well. There is still so much up in the air (a very UNCOMFORTABLE PLACE TO BE, I might add!) which I will journal about as we move through this life-changing process.

Overall, we’ve decided some of our decisions are because:

1) We want a life of experiences, not stuff. This article pretty much sums it up but to give you some brief insight: We had our son when we were entering our forties. I want him to look back on his life and remember that great trip to Sequoia National Park or Canada. I want him to take music lessons and skating lessons…and any lesson he wants to take to learn a new skill. (As do I! I want to learn so much!) I don’t want his (or my own!) butt planted in front of a 60” television watching 200 channels his entire life.

2) We want to say “YES” more often. Yes, let’s go to the park! Yes, let’s go swimming. Yes, let’s drive to the ocean. Yes, let’s live a life of PASSION! Instead of a life full of “Wish we had the money to do that” or “Can’t today. Gotta clean all this stuff I no longer love.”

3) We want to be creative. It’s hard to be creative when you feel trapped. I truly believe that. Look at the proof: Just making the DECISION to live a more simple life led to me opening up WordPress again – after nearly 2 years! Simplicity frees the mind and opens it to creativity. I mean, I could go places and see things if I wanted NOW…but between cleaning out the garage, folding baskets of clothes, and sorting through piles of papers….we don’t have time (or energy. Remember: we’re middle-aged 🙂 ) I really enjoy knitting, but when you feel trapped by the things you own…knitting for the afternoon seems like a waste of valuable time. But, in fact, the opposite is actually true. What truly is a waste of valuable time is sorting through unused items (again!) while my son sits alone trying to entertain himself. We both want to spend time and energy fostering our right-side of the brain (Lord knows it needs it! I’ve used the left side of my brain for so long I forgot I even had another side.)

As for where we will live? I still don’t have a clue. But for some reason, I feel at peace with this. We’ve even looked at Winnebago’s online. I’m not so sure about that idea….but I’m not ruling anything out at this point.  Besides, there are many steps before living in a converted school bus would even become an option.

Besides, I can’t trust the process if I rush the process, you know? So, Bird By Bird is how we choose to move down this path.

And so, for today, I just have to get rid of a few items or stack them in the corner for a yard sale. Getting rid of these items is a day-by-day adventure (see our page called Minimalist Game – so far I’ve let 36 items go. And this doesn’t even include the crap I’ve simply thrown away!) Thanks for hanging out with us!

4 thoughts on “Sell the crap. Live a life.

  1. I say GO FOR IT!! The free spirited gypsy in me wants to go with you! I think y’all should get an RV and when you get tried of on area, unplug and move on. When you get to a place you don’t want to leave…call it home.

    • Thanks, Theresa. The RV thing does sound a bit exciting! I’m still considering it with the kiddo is still young and doesn’t need a home base.

  2. I am thinking this way too. I live in a house that I am trying to pay for with little real room for playing ie: trips, camping, workshops, need a new car, and I am getting older too ugh!! It’s would be a hard decision but being able to let go would really open things up 🙂 I would love to follow your journey and may be I will be brave too. Thanks

  3. Hi, Kimberley. I was thinking about the infamous “Latte Factor” that many people say is the real way to save for retirement, but honestly, cutting out a daily or weekly latte isn’t going to make a dent. It’s the house and the upkeep. We have 1694 sq. feet of space and now that we’ve gotten rid of so much, I can honestly see us in about 1000 sq. foot.

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