Spring Clean Your Book Collection

I’m a reader. I can’t help it. I usually have four to six books on my nightstand with active dog-eared pages because YES – I am reading all of them. But, with my love of the written word comes some really challenging storage space issues.

When I started on the road to living life as a rational minimalist, I found the first area I needed to tackle was my book collection. If you, like me, find this one area of clutter (or shall we simply call it ‘overabundance’??) an area with which you’d like to start discarding items, I’m here to share with you my most creative ways of managing my book collection:

I donated a lot to my local library. When I first tackled the collection (nearly 300 books…) I just donated everything I decided to let go to my local library. That way, if I really, really, really want to go back and re-read a book (I rarely do this, by the way) I can simply go check it out. Six years later…I’ve never looked back.

Store up, under or in something else. A lot of people buy bookcases to store their book collections. That makes sense on an elementary level, right? But we are not elementary anymore! We are clutter-conquerors. We don’t keep what we don’t need! We do not have furniture that requires dusting unless it is necessary. So, for the books with which I simply can not part, I place them up on wall shelves and use them as decor (This also cuts down on, um, decor).  I also use books under items to elevate lamps, place picture frames on or simply create a nice little arrangement of staggered candles.

Now, I know you’ll never part with all your books. (I’m odd, not crazy). And, I also know there are some you don’t want on display. (I am fascinated with serial killers and I collect books about some of the most infamous weirdos. LOL. I don’t want the neighbors calling the feds after seeing my books about Ted Bundy.) So, for those books – I store them under the bed in clear plastic bins (nicely labeled with my label gun, of course. Gosh.). What’s the point of having all that space under there anyway if you can’t hide stuff?

And my FAVORITE all time way to clear out my books is…

I have a library in my yard! I participate in a Little Free Library program which lets me share my books with others, but yet, keep them close to home – at least for a short while. There are about 6 in my city and it is a really fun way to share books with others. If my books start to get a bit ‘stale’ – I just switch them out with another LFL close by me. If you are one of those grouchy types and mumble “Get off my lawn” a lot, well, then maybe you can just share your books with someone else in your city who has taken the plunge and placed a nice little library in their neighborhood.


One thought on “Spring Clean Your Book Collection

  1. Nice. I’m selling on amazon, a slow way to downsize, but at least I know they go to people who want them. Plus, I also donate to the library. I have friend who do the “little free library” but I hadn’t been inspired to do that (until now).

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