My Colossal Cave of Clutter

My kitchen has been on my nerves for quite some time. Mostly because it is never HGTV ready. But…I took a step back and put things into perspective. So, let me just begin today by saying “I have a baby”.  Babies bring an entirely new set of clutter with them that I never imagined.

A baby swing sits where my breakfast nook table was stationed.

One side of my cupboard contains baby stuff like baby food, bottles, miniature spoons and some things I probably don’t need but keep anyway like empty baby formula containers (Because I’m a container-addict, that’s why! Don’t judge me.)


But, at the current moment, I need these things. Kitchen items I need for the Little Guy include an immersion blender, a food chopper, a juicer, a blender and ice cube trays. I need these things for making food and mixing formula. Once the Little Guy can eat normal people food, some of these items will be traded, sold, or donated. And really, I’m okay with ‘baby clutter’. One can outgrow ‘baby clutter’.

It’s adult clutter that drives me crazy. I own five skillets, three sauce pans, and two stock pots. I have eight spatulas. I know. *Sigh* I am a Minimalism Retard. I preach “Get rid of stuff!” so often you may view me as a hypocrite. And I’m fine with that. Because, folks, these things make my life simpler which is the goal. But, as promised

I set off to declutter the kitchen and honestly, I only found three things I’m willing to part with at the current moment.  If you want an apple slicer (just how lazy am I????), a garlic press (Duh…grocery stores sell jars of minced garlic) and wine bottle opener (Ummmm….okay, yes. I can part with this. I have two more) just let me know.

But, alas…I did check in with the lovely Grace at The Nude Foodie and asked her “What utensils and what small appliances can you not live without?” And here are her answers:

Grace’s Top 5 Small Appliance list

A food processor (YAY!)
A good, high quality blender (YAY!)
Toaster Oven
Crockpot/slow cooker
and her fifth one…

Evaluate your life. Some people ‘need’ a microwave. Others think they are evil. You may feel like you need a juicer. Or a rice cooker. Whatever.” she said.  I agree. I’m coming to grips with the fact that the griddle is just collecting dust, more than two skillets is overkill, and unless I can use this waffle iron to make brownies or cinnamon rolls once in a while, it may find its way to the thrift store. The point is to not hold on to things you never use and I think we can all agree that nobody needs an apple slicer. (Or…maybe…never mind.) Grace lives with four children and doesn’t own a coffee pot or a microwave. I don’t know how she does this, and I don’t care. I stand in awe of her.

Grace’s Top 5 Utensil List

One good, long and sharp, chef’s knife
A wire strainer
One high quality skillet
A stock pot and a sauce pan*
A zester/microplane

*Ummm…nice try, Grace. That’s technically two.

Grace says to look for things that can serve more than one function. For example, a wire strainer can also function as a steamer or colander. A good knife opens packages, cuts veggies, slices meat, and crushes garlic. (Of course you would wash it in between functions, silly non-cooking girl.) And a note on knives: “Think long and sharp. A short dull knife is useless.”, says Grace.

So this week, I’m totally rethinking my juicer. I love the health-induced idea of juicing. It’s the PITA juicer clean up that gets me every time! I functioned just fine for three days without my coffee pot, using only a french press. I also drank less coffee because it took a bit more effort.  I’m starting to think I’m lazy.

What can you part with this week? What do you think of Grace’s lists and what is on your Top 5 list?

4 thoughts on “My Colossal Cave of Clutter

  1. You’re not lazy. You’re domestically comfortable without the pressures of modern day pressures. Like ME!

  2. I found a glass lid to a sauce pan I no longer have and an abundance of coffee mugs. The old coffee maker that can be replaced with a French press because I am not making that much coffee. I am going to keep all the handmade mugs found at art fairs, do some donating with the rest and toss the glass lid along with the old coffee maker.

  3. Lately rather than donating more stuff I find I don’t need, the little ones have been cleaning out my stuff and repurposing them as toys. Speaking of toys, I wouldn’t get rid of that garlic press, it’s the perfect play doh accessory to make hair with. I like to use my own garlic so this gets double duty around here, both in the kitchen and as a toy.

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